Tuesday, January 3

I won a nice set of MJ's Herbal Salves from The Organic Blonde and few weeks ago. They are very nice! I hate pills and cremes. I try not to use them if I don't have to, but my cabinet is full of them anyway. This little set of five 1oz jars is replacing a lot of the clutter in my medicine drawer. They work that well and are great multitaskers! They contain NO petroleum, parabens, fillers, chemical perfumes, "nature identical" oils, GMO's or artificial colors.

Each of these magical little jars of salve are made with the freshest, chemically free ingredients produced.
Did I mention they are certified organic? Pure beeswax, premium Grade A Shea butter, and organic olive oil go into these little jars. No pesticides or chemicals. Please remember, a little of these salves goes a long way!

Breast Balm - This special formula helps women consciously care for their breasts. it strengthens the breast tissue, activates the immune and lymphatic systems, softens scars over time, and empowers women to be involved in nurturing their bodies. This smells like tea and helps ease some of the breast pain I have from my fibrocystic breast condition when it gets massaged in. I'm going to need another jar!

Calendula Salve - Caendula is an exceptionally effective remedy for inflamed skin, slow healing wounds, dry skin, and irritations. Although calendula is strong when in action, it is gentle on the skin and ideal for baby skin care needs. Feel the healing power of these beautiful golden blossoms! I use this on the back of my cat's (Pooper) ears. He gets really dry skin and it looks itchy. So, I've been putting a little of this on the dry patches and it's looking a lot better! And he looks happier, too. I put it on Nick's Psoriasis along the hairline and it looks better, too!

First Aid Salve - This potent and powerful blend of antiseptic, antibacterial, and wound healing herbs speeds the healing and helps prevent infection in cuts, scrapes, cracked lips, blemishes, burns, and rashes. It's many uses make it a great companion for home and travel. There is something about the smell of this salve that reminds me of musty old houses. It works great on cracked lips, but I haven't gotten to use it on anything else yet. Fingers crossed!

Arnica Salve - Arnica is the most remarkable and universally accepted herb for bruises, overworked sore muscles, tendon injuries, and sprains. Arnica quickly brings relief, promotes circulation and hastens the disappearance of discoloration from bruising. Clove oil helps relieve the pain. I like the green pea soup color of this salve and the clove smell! I've used arnica before for bruises, but it's never worked like this, it must be the cloves! It's great for clumsy people like myself. Who else would accidentally give themselves a black eye? Me. This helped it a lot!

Lavender E Salve - Lavender is one of the most widely used and dearly loved flowers in skincare and aromatherapy. It is a specific for healing burns and relieving headaches, stress, and anxiety. Lavender also helps heal cuts, scrapes, rashes, irritations, and blemishes. Vitamin E aids in tissue repair and helps reduce scarring. This salve smells wonderful. I love lavender everything. It calms me and helps my constant migraines. I haven't tried rubbing it on my temples like the label suggests because things like that won't touch my headaches, sadly. But I do rub some onto my wrists and rub them together and breathe in the smell and it relaxes me when I feel an anxiety attack creeping up.

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