Friday, April 6

It still may only be Spring, but the weather is heating up and I don't like it. Not one bit.

What happens when things start to warm up? Stores start putting out racks, and racks of brightly colored, loud patterned, itty-bitty swimsuits and tacky bejeweled flip-flops. I take this as my cue to start stocking up on sunscreen with the highest SPF available and smudge proof-water proof eyeliner. I just hate it when you start sweating and your make up runs. It looks like you're melting!

Melting... that is not a pleasant thought.

Anyhow, back on topic. What do you look forward to when Summer hits? The pool. And what do you need to get in said pool? A swim suit. Maybe you're like me and have an annoyingly hard time finding a swim suit that not only suits your tastes but suits your body. I'm one of those girls that don't like to show off a lot of skin. Does anybody else have this problem?

I've been looking around various Gothic clothing stores on the Internet and found a very nice selection of swim wear! Surprise, surprise! Almost all of them are bikinis. I'm thinking about modifying a plain black suit once I find one that flatters my body type. Retro inspired swim suits and/or runching can be very flattering for every body.

How do you find one that looks good? You could go with trying them all on until you find one that looks good or you could go with working with your body type. Maybe you're the model type that wants to flaunt their tats and looks great in anything. Maybe you're the curvy hourglass shape? Maybe you just want to enhance your bust or cover your middle. The tags on swimsuits these days can be extremely helpful! When in doubt, bring a friend that won't sugar coat things and ask for her/his advice.

Heavy Red has a beautiful selection of Gothic Bathing Suits and cover ups available.

Torrid carries several retro inspired suits for those of us size 12 and up.

Hot Topic sports a collection that is aimed towards Junior sizes. I love the Too Fast swim wear, though!

Spanx also has a cute swim wear line for those of us that need a little help. The black halter swim dress is my favorite.

And last but not least... Victorian bathing suits! For those of us that would feel more at home in turn of the century swim wear (or are just big Sweeney Todd fans).

Whatever your style, don't forget to apply sunscreen and use your waterproof make up! Parasols, wide brimmed hats, dark sunglasses, and a towel are must haves. You wouldn't want to burn that beautiful pale skin, would you? Or... end up looking like this?


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