Thursday, May 17


Who doesn't love finding something in their closet that has been long forgotten? Well, while rummaging around trying to unpack, I found a box that had 9 jars of unopened Aromaleigh mineral eyeshadow! I believe these are back from when the founder of Aromaleigh, Kristen Leigh Bell closed shop back in Fall of 2010. 

Aromaleigh is a cutting-edge cosmetics company at the forefront of the independent mineral makeup revolution. Their micro-formulated products are formulated with pure ingredients, innovation, over a decade of industry experience and creativity to bring you unique, quality makeup. 

They are never tested on animals and are proprietary formulations, never repackaged. Aromaleigh has been in business online since 1998.

Jolie is a medium wine colored shadow with pink glitter. Goes on much lighter than the color in the pot.

Copper is a very rich hot chocolate color with lots of gold and copper glitter. My pictures don't do it justice.

Hot Stuff, a brighter coral pink. It reminds me of salmon when in the pot. Goes on very light and has a faint sparkle. Very cute and playful!

Burnt Roses, love the name! Is a medium brown with a lighter brown glitter. Goes on looking more like a foil. It really made my eyes POP!

Velvet Dream, I loved the name and the color in the pot, a very rich wine color with red/pink sparkle. Goes on easily and wears off within moments. Too bad!

Strawberry Despair is a lighter brownish red with light pink glitter. it goes on more pink with a nice bit of shimmer. 

Coney Island is a lighter metallic green. It looks better when applied wet. This color reminds me a lot of something Tinkerbell would wear. Has a nice shimmer.

Torment - My favorite one! So rich, so dark, perfect for a stroll in the cemetary. Looks gorgeous when applied wet. You can't go wrong with this color.

Sabine - This shadow is packed with glitter! It is a very dark brown in the pot, but goes on in a very lovely gold. Reminds me of the gold edged paper in Bibles.

 Thanks for looking! I think I was in a very red and brown phase at the time of purchase. I think it had something to do with what colors were approved for wear with my job's uniform or something. What was your favorite?


These products were purchased by me and I have in no way been sponsored by or affiliated by Aromaleigh. 
I love to collect and share pretty things.

 Please do not use my pictures without permission!

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Kathleen said...

Ha ha ha! I didn't realize how Coney Island had gone everywhere! Sorry everyone. :)

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