Thursday, May 10

Nature Center

I love exploring.

Going to parks, museums, you name it! I'm a nerdy sort of girl that just loves to learn.

Recently, I went to one of the state parks with Nick's mom and his little niece, Allison. Thankfully, it was a cool day. We explored almost every inch of the park. The playgrounds, the cemetery, the wood bridges that go through the trees, the rope bridges that take you to the tree tops, the nature and visitor center. We watched some older gentlemen play horseshoes, and got chased off by bees! We spent a good two maybe three hours there.

Name that animal pelt! Raccoons, red foxes, striped skunk, squirrel, and a spotted skunk. Not in that order!

Local beetles and butterflies. The nature center had a nice collection of live animals as well. We say a wood pecker that was being nursed back to health, a bee colony, and some of the local fish.

I love skulls and taxidermy. I find it all very fascinating. There was a fawn, a rattlesnake, turtles, baby alligators, and a few stuffed birds.

Some of the rope bridges among the tree tops. Being up that high while the wind was blowing and making the trees sway made Nick's mom sick. Allison and I loved it. We would have stayed up there longer, but she wanted to go throw up. What a party pooper!

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