Saturday, June 16

MarfDaze Pouches

If you're like me, you have very... unique tastes. I received a Kindle as a present, but could never find the "perfect" storage case that would express who I am and keep it safe from dirt and getting harmed in my purse. 

While browsing on Etsy (my favoritest place ever) I found my bag! Jellyfish! Another thing to add to my jelly collection! I had to have it! I whipped out my tape measure and compared the measurements. A perfect fit! 


This super cute jellyfish pouch is made by MarfDaze. It is roughly 8 3/4" by 5 1/4" and has a black zipper. The lining is black with grey swirls. The material is a nice and soft cotton. 

These pouches are roomy enough to hold a Kindle, MP3 player, lipstick, and pens with room to spare! It would also be perfect as a make up bag. If it gets dirty, you can just throw it in the washer with your clothes.

I'm thinking about getting a few more in different styles!


Disclosure: I Purchased this with my own money and was under no obligation to review this product. No monetary exchanges were made.

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