Wednesday, June 27

Revlon Lip Butter

Revlon Lip Butters. 

It's official, I'm an addict. They go on so smoothly and offer just the right amount of color while keeping your lips nice and kissable. The price is still a bit high for my tastes, but you can occasionally find good deals at CVS and nice coupons in your Sunday paper.


These three are my favorites right now. Cherry Tart is a nice red that will give a nice POP of color to your lips without being too dramatic. Cherry Tart is packed full of micro glitter for a nice sparkle.

Berry Smoothie is a very natural color on my lips. It's a little more "pink" but, in a nice healthy looking way. This one is chock full of micro glitter, too. It adds such a nice sparkle to your look without being obnoxious.

 Sugar Plum is a mauve-y purple. It is a little darker on the lips than in the tube. It ends up looking like the sample on my arm in the shot below. It doesn't have any glitter. Sorry, glitter lovers!

I could sit here and gush and gush about how amazing these feel. I don't want to bore anyone, so why don't you go pick up one or three next time you head out? You won't regret it!


Disclosure: This product was purchased with my own money. I was in no way compensated to do this review.

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