Thursday, September 6

Contact Lenses

Do you wear contact lenses?

I wear only mine some of the time. I find them too irritating to be worn every day. I do like to wear them for special occasions or when cosplaying.  If you haven't tried wearing a mask and your glasses at the same time... Don't. It looks bad and is very uncomfortable. Going without glasses tends to make things embarassing, too.

Contact lenses can make life so much easier! You don't have to keep pushing them up when they slide down your nose and don't have to worry about whether or not your frames match your outfit. I love not having to tote around the special lens cleaner and wipes around in my purse. I'm always happy when my purse is lighter.

I've been wearing glasses since the age of 12 and only just recently bought my first pair of contacts. They aren't life changing, but they offer the opportunity to try out different eye colors and give a nice break from the monotony of wearing glasses every single day.

Cake Mom has teamed up with to bring one lucky winner one free pair of contact lenses. You can find out how to enter the giveaway here!

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