Wednesday, November 14

Not too late to try this!

Isn't this just adorable and creepy at the same time? I can't wait to make one or a few of these. XD

All you need to make yourself or a fangtastic friend of yours a evil pumpkin is: 
Mini pumpkins (usually sold for decoration)
Plastic vampire fangs (maybe you can pick up some cheap in the discounted Halloween stuff?)
Pins (from your sewing basket or earrings would work!)
Pumpkin carving set or a small knife.

Carve in a hole big enough to slide in your set of vampire fangs without slicing a finger off, slide in your fangs (you may have to glue them in place), and lastly... pop in your pins or eyeballs of choice and tada! You have a cute evil minion to creep out your mother in law with.

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