Thursday, March 29

I want to be an airship pirate.

Stay tuned for this week's exciting installment of.... "What Are You Wearing?" This week, my nail polish theme is Airship Pirate. What colors come to mind when I think Airship Pirate? Rusty reds and glimmers of hope! Or Julep's Jodie with a topcoat of Essie's Shine of the Times. I recieved Jodie in the March Julep It Girl Maven Box and Nick picked up Shine of the Times for me. Isn't he sweet?

This picture was taken indoors, with flash on in under artificial light. You can barely see the beautiful flakiness of Shine of the Times over Jodie. I like to think of it as... Hidden Treasure! What every pirate wants in their life, right? Jodie was very easy to apply. it only took two coats to get this rich coppery red. The formula was very thin, but creamy. It wasn't a color I would buy for myself normally, but it was a nice surprise in the Maven Box. I like it.

Once I stepped outside, the beautiful holographic flakes just lit up! I could see reds, gold, greens, and smaller flashes of blues and pinks. Very pretty. Jodie and Shine of the Times made a great pair.

I wish I acutually had an airship to go adventuring in. Today would be a great day for it, don't you think?

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