Saturday, March 31

What is in a Goth girl's bag?

I've surprisingly been asked this question a lot.

Do you have stuff for witch craft in there?

What do you have in there?

Why do you need such a big bag? 

Why do people ask a girl why she needs a big purse, really?
We have big purses because we need different things for different situations and I'm constantly on the go. Plus, I don't exactly have a car to leave all my extra stuff in. Backpacks send off all sorts of security warning signals if you enter a store wearing one. Good luck trying to explain, "It's just my purse!" Security people never listen to darkly inclined folks for some reason.

I carry my things around in... a Jellyfish purse! Isn't it cute? Let's just dump it out and see what exactly is making it so heavy today? I have my Juicy Couture wallet and an extra pair of glasses. I have the tendency to walk out and leave my glasses at home and I need them to see. Good job, me!

I love my wallet, it's so soft! I wanted to get one on my last day in San Francisco, but ended up not getting it. I found it on Ebay for half price! Um... There is also my Sony Walkman MP3 player, a snack bar, keys, a reusable lint roller, energy drink packets, pens, a Tamogachi, hair clips/brush/de-frizzing creme, and five  different kinds of lip balm.  

I also carry along a mini umbrella, my make up case, a reusable water bottle, and my Kindle (also in a jellyfish case). But they weren't in my bag at this exact moment for some reason or another. See? Nothing too exciting or shocking. All the shocking things are at home in their own special bag away from prying eyes.

What's in your bag?

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