Saturday, March 10

I was getting tired of my old blog.

So, I decided to start over. This is more of a love child of Drop Dead Gorgeous and Dark Green. Same goals, together! More craziness, more updates. It can and will be done! If you like it, keep reading.

I'm Goth, ok? (Boo!)

I don't worship Satan, I don't do drugs. I don't shop at Hot Topic. I am more of your stereotypical bookish kind of girl. I love to read. I'm pretty nerdy, actually. I'm addicted to RPGs and anime. I love jellyfish, nail polish and intense eye shadows, donating to Alley Cat Allies, and sleeping with too many pillows.

I have two brat cats,  one pair of Fluevogs (and wanting much more), am always dying my hair, and is obsessed with trying to find Greener and more Eco-Friendly ways to live and keep up with my beauty habits.

I have a boyfriend (gasp!). He's even nerdier then myself. We met on the Internet years and years ago.

Somehow, he talked me into moving from my home in Northern California to... South Carolina. Body modification has only just caught on here. I haven't seen another darkly inclined person yet.

Why am I still here?

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