Wednesday, March 21

There seems to be a lack of Gothic Fashion and Lifestyle blogs that update regularly. I hope to fix that. I welcome any advice, comments and post ideas! Don't be afraid to share.

I have been "Goth" for over ten years now. As a small child I was in love with the dark beauty of Mortica Addams and Lily Munster. I wanted to be just like them. I love dark fashion, art, music, poetry, literature, photography, and the people! Goths are a very unique group of individuals and we take pride in it! I love not being "normal". There are as many ups and downs to being who you are. There will always be those closed-minded people that will give you a hard time. But, this isn't about them, right?

Gothic Beauty Magazine is a great fashion and music rag. They have great ideas and pictures. I love their music section. Lately... I have come to think they have sold out. They are mostly ads now. Too bad. Let's hope they continue to bring us more pretty clothes, DIY, and new bands to listen to.

I hope I can come up with some nice ideas for everyone.

Please visit, i'm active on their forums. If you want my screen name, please e-mail me.

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