Monday, April 2

Expressions of Love

I know everyone has a unique way of expressing their love. Whether it be for family, friends, children, your spouse or partner. Everybody is different and that's part of what makes love so fun! I'm the type of person that likes to show affection through gifts and gestures. I'm not an outwardly lovey person. I think the most affectionate I get in public is a hug or holding hands.
Once I'm out of the way of prying eyes, I turn into a completely different person. I'm more verbal about my wants and needs. I'm not afraid to let an "I love you" slip out for no reason. EdenFantasys has helped me explore my sensual side. The selection of lingerie has helped me feel sexier in my own skin. I love how my lover's eyes light up when I surprise him by wearing something black, tight, and oozing sensuality.

EdenFantasys selection of massage oils, candles, and beauty products help set the romantic mood. I never realized before how different the mood can become just by lighting a few aroma therapy candles and turning the lights off. Some nights we like to take a break and read poems or erotic stories aloud while taking turns giving foot massages.

Spring is in the air, so why not treat your special someone not to a new sex toy, but flowers?

How do you express your love?

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