Saturday, March 31

What are you wearing?

Today, I decided to use my new holographic polish from Color Club called Fashion Addict. It is a super sparkly light lavender. I can't stop looking at my hands! I keep turning them this way and that. Every time I look, there is a new pop of color and sparkle. You can almost see an entire rainbow of color in this polish. I'm kicking myself for not picking it up sooner.

David Bowie instantly came to mind as I was putting it on. Fashion Addict went on smoothly and only needed two coats. I thought this was going to be a three coater, for sure. I pleasantly surprised. It may be my new favorite. Watch out, Teal of Fortune! Nick says it looks like static on old televisions when it's not being all glittery. I think I agree with him!


The top picture was taken indoors with flash. The bottom one was outside in natural light. I bet you can tell that I just washed dishes. *laughs* I can't wait to try out the other Color Club holographic polishes I ordered. I bet hope they turn out as beautiful and easy to apply as this one.

I know my pictures haven't done this polish justice. Please visit Scrangie for a much better example!

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