Tuesday, November 20

Just Eyewear ~ Update

A little over a month ago, I won a nifty little $50 gift certificate to JustEyewear.com - Everything went very smoothly and rather quickly. I was surprised. It wasn't as fast as say, going to Lenscrafters. But, it took less than two weeks for my shiny new glasses to show up in my mailbox.

The selection of frames isn't exactly the best unless you are into trendy, thick, or rectangular frames. I normally prefer larger, half-rimmed frames. Granny glasses if I had to pick a name for the style! After a good hour of digging through their selection, I decided to be daring! I picked out a pair of peacock blue and black rectangular frames. They are just adorable.

The ordering process went smoothly. Luckily, I had my prescription handy in my wallet and didn't have to go tearing the house apart looking for it. The only real issue I had with the order was the prices for the lense add-ons. I really wanted to get the transition coating, but $80 right now isn't in my budget, you know? I was getting the cute frames for free, so I decided to pay for the anti-reflective coating for computer screen and light glare reduction. It works wonders for those of us that get migraines!

The payment went through Paypal, which I love. I love Paypal. I could go on and on about how Paypal has saved me from a few unsavory sellers on Ebay.... But, not today!

After placing my order, my inbox had a few e-mails waiting to be read. A reciept, a notice of order placement, and a nice thank you note that lets you know that JustEyewear.com will keep you updated on your order progress. It was nice to see an update on my new glasses every few days. It was a nice way of letting the customer know that they haven't been forgotten or lost in the shuffle, like some large websites can do.

My order showed up in a tiny white cardboard box about two weeks after the order was placed. It came with a sturdy black glasses case(shiny!!), a cleaning cloth (so soft!), a small repair set (on a keychain!), and a note letting me know that if anything was wrong or if I just didn't like them for whatever reason, they could be returned no questions asked. I won't be doing that, but it was nice to know!

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