Thursday, December 6

I am just not really sure what to do or say about this. Last night I got a call from my mother. The first words out of her mouth were, "Your father has lung cancer. He's dying." Then she hung up. I was in a slight bit of shock. I wasn't expecting something like that. Next thing I know, tears are flooding out of me and I couldn't talk. I had to get my boyfriend to call my mother back to find out more.

He found out that he's known for a few weeks, but hasn't told me. He's told everyone else in the family except me. That was the big shock. My parents hate each other and would fight to the death on TV if given the chance. My siblings.... only hang around to try to borrow money and whatever else they can get out of him. My father has gone through a several heart attacks and strokes in the last three years. His memory isn't the greatest. My sister cons him into things when I'm not around.

I tried talking to him, but I couldn't. Nick had to talk to him. He said that he didn't tell me because I'm the only one in the family that cares. It was a long, emotional thing. I could hear my sister in the background asking why he was talking to me. I couldn't listen anymore. I had to go lay down.

I feel emotionally drained today.

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