Wednesday, January 9

A little late

This may be a little late, but I've been putting a lot of thought into my resolutions for 2013. I don't want to do the generic "Lose weight, make more friends, and do less whatever." I really want to try to do things that I know that I can stick to and work on to better myself this year.

Because of my illnesses this past year, I have gotten very out of shape. I would like to start becoming more active again. I would like to get a gym membership and a bicycle and use it as an excuse to get out when I can't sleep at night or feel restless.

I will stop buying clothes from big box stores and chains. I will only buy second hand, hand made, or vintage clothing. Those stores never have anything that looks good on my curvy/tall body type anyway.

I would also like to start building better friendships. Not necessarily make more friends, but better ones. Ones that want to have great, long lasting, healthy relationships with. No more of those flaky people that attach themselves like vampires to your neck. These relationships are done. Over. You will no longer be borrowing money never to return it, or only wanting to hang out when you want something. These people are booted from my social networks, deleted from my phone, and erased from my Skype. Goodbye!

Lastly, I will start putting myself first for once. I will treat myself to things I have always wanted. I will get my first Mani/Pedi. I will stretch my ears and dye my hair whatever color I damn well please. I will do my best at everything I attempt. I will actually get my drivers licence this year. I will read more books and take more time for me.

This will be my year.

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