Sunday, June 24

Crafty Afternoon

I was given a headboard yesterday for helping someone move furniture.

It is made of a nice cast iron with a lovely swirl design. Unfortunately... It was a hideous shade of metallic salmon. I saw beyond the nasty color and brought it home knowing it could easily be fixed up to fit in to our Gothic home.

It was heavy! It took two people to get it in the van. After a quick trip to the hardware department in Walmart, we returned home. I put on my face mask and gloves and got to work. In less then twenty minutes, the headboard looked amazing!

I let the paint dry for a few hours. Look at the beautiful new color! A pretty gunmetal. This will look amazing against the new peacock paint in our bedroom, don't you think? I can't wait for Nick to get home and help me move it back inside.

Have you done any DIY projects lately?
Leave a comment below telling me about it!

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